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What Colts needs could impact 49ers in the NFL Draft?

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The Colts have the third pick in the NFL Draft. Do the 49ers need to worry about losing a big need to them?

There are at least seven teams and eight picks before the San Francisco 49ers get around to selecting (potentially more if they lose the coin flip against the Oakland Raiders), and we’re going to go through those teams, looking at their needs and how they can impact the 49ers on draft day.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Indianapolis Colts, who have the No. 3 overall pick after finishing the season with a 4-12 record. The Colts have been a wreck with poor coaching and injuries to big-name players, namely Andrew Luck.

Indianapolis Colts (4-12)

Biggest need: OT

Need that could impact 49ers: OG

Other needs: Edge, ILB, RB

The true biggest need for the Colts: get quarterback Andrew Luck healthy. They are abysmal without him, and though he’s had his struggles, he hasn’t been healthy in a long time. After they get him healthy, they need to focus on keeping him healthy. In other words, they need a better left tackle than Anthony Costanzo, or at the very least, a high-level right tackle.

That’s a need that 49ers will have very soon, but it’s not a big one for now. That said, the Colts also have holes at the guard spots, and could look to upgrade the position at some point early. I think the 49ers know the guard position is one that needs more talent, and John Lynch will want his own guy. For the Colts, Ryan Kelly is about the only for-sure keeper on that offensive line.

Of course, the Colts have another need that could line up with the 49ers: running back. Frank Gore has been great, better than expected, but the Colts need somebody young, and Marlon Mack isn’t the guy.

We still don’t know to what extent the 49ers have a need, as Carlos Hyde’s future with the team is uncertain. There just happens to be a generational talent available in Saquon Barkley, so basically any team without a rock solid franchise running back could be in on him.

Out of edge and inside linebacker, the latter is a much bigger need. The Colts simply have no presence at that position, though they could use help at pretty much every linebacker spot on the depth chart.