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The Jaguars are the good guys against the Patriots, the bad guys

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I’m petty enough to be rooting for a Patriots implosion on Sunday and then again in the offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots have a rather tame history when it comes to the two teams players each other. They aren’t a direct rival, and they have not historically had that much animosity between them. But the Patriots are generally considered to be the bad guys of the NFL.

Of course, this term is used very lightly given the current state of world politics and the abundance of actual bad guys, but the Patriots are extremely good at this football thing. They know they’re good, too.

Robert Kraft knows he has the most pull of any owner in the league. Bill Belichick knows he doesn’t have to be nice or polite or because he can back up the ill-will built by his demeanor. Tom Brady has proven time and time again to be kind of a huge jerk, but he also might be the best quarterback to ever play the game.

And, as a team, the Patriots are just good. They win a lot of games. Their sustained success has been remarkable, but honestly not that surprising because they have, by and large, kept things together behind the scenes. In the wake of the recent Seth Wickersham ESPN report on growing discontent in New England, though, many are expecting an implosion, especially if the Patriots don’t make it to the Super Bowl.

As my co-worker referred to it, everyone is waiting for the Patriots to go “full Red Wedding,” which if you don’t know was basically a culling of a slew of main characters in Game of Thrones. It was not an amicable, mutual parting of ways in that particular episode. It was a bloodbath.

I don’t like Brady, Kraft or Belichick given their general opinions about very serious matters, but I’m also petty enough to admit that I’d be rooting for this kind of implosion even if I thought they were all fine and agreed with their politics. The Patriots are better than the 49ers, and I want them to lose because of it. I’m not perfect, despite what all of you definitely believe.

In this instance, as far as I’m concerned, there are three good guys and one bad guy. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the proper good guys, because they will play the Patriots in the AFC Championship. But failing a win there, I’ll be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings or Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. I don’t particularly like the Eagles, but they’re a lot more preferable to to the Patriots, that’s for sure.