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What Broncos needs could impact 49ers in the NFL Draft?

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The Broncos have the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft. Do the 49ers need to worry about losing a big need to them?

There are at least seven teams and eight picks before the San Francisco 49ers get around to making a pick in the 2018 NFL Draft (potentially more if they lose the coin flip against the Oakland Raiders), and we’re going to go through those teams, looking at their needs and how they can impact the 49ers on draft day.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Denver Broncos, who finished the season with a 5-11 record, putting them in line for the fifth overall pick in the draft.

Denver Broncos (5-11)

Biggest need: QB

Need that impact 49ers: OG,

Other needs: OT, WR, ILB

The Broncos have tried to move forward with Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch as their franchise quarterback, and none have worked out. General manager John Elway has a lot of pressure to turn things around, and quickly. He said after the end of the regular season that the Broncos could wind up with three new quarterbacks on the roster in 2018 — a scorched earth policy would not be surprising here.

That need could be filled in free agency with someone like Kirk Cousins, or it could be filled early on in the draft, which seems more likely. Elway will want his guy, and this draft has plenty of suitors at the position. The 49ers would have been competing with the Broncos heavily for a quarterback in the first round, but with Jimmy Garoppolo, that’s not a concern.

Like the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts, the Broncos have serious needs on the offensive line. The biggest need is at right tackle, but they could also use help at guard, which is where they would primarily be competing with the 49ers. Inside linebacker is also a need, and that could intersect with the 49ers depending on where they want Reuben Foster to play, but it’s not a serious competition.

Interior offensive linemen are something that a ton of teams need high in the draft, the 49ers included. Most don’t think they’ll go that route and I understand the thinking, but don’t be so sure that John Lynch won’t want to bring in his own guy to solidify the left side.

Tackle, though, is more important for the Broncos. They added Garrett Bolles at left tackle this past season, but this is a draft rich in talent at the position, and I feel like the Broncos would be best served snagging another left tackle while flipping Bolles over to the right side.

Denver has had very little production out if its third and fourth receivers over the years, and they need an infusion of young talent at the position. Some think the 49ers could also be interested in that position, and I think it’s possible, but not really at that point in the draft.