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A look at the NN mock draft database heading into Senior Bowl week

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We have 27 mock drafts, updated heading into the Senior Bowl.

The 2018 pre-draft process rolls along with Senior Bowl week getting started tomorrow. This follows East-West Shrine Game and NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, which took place on Saturday following a week of practice. We took a look at some prospects of note from the two games.

We’ll be back on Monday with SB Nation’s latest mock draft on Monday, but until then, I thought we’d update the NN mock draft database. Not all mock drafts were updated this week, but we have a host of mocks that have been updated over the past few weeks.

There are 13 different players in our 27 mock drafts. Notre Dame offensive guard Quenton Nelson remains the most regular player, with eight appearances. NC State edge rusher Bradley Chubb is the next most common player with three appearances. Picking ten without the need for quarterback but with a lot of different needs means we likely will not see a clear consensus any time soon. Free agency could clear things up a bit, but for the most part, it’s going to remain a lot of guesswork.

The most notable new addition might be Virginia Tech linebacker Tramaine Edmunds. Daniel Jeremiah and NFL Draft Geek both released mock drafts this week and this is the first time he has shown up for either. Jeremiah is a big fan of his, and sees him as a guy to pair with Reuben Foster.

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