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Super Bowl matchup set as Eagles beat Vikings

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The Eagles beat the Vikings and the Patriots beat the Jaguars, so we now know the matchup for Super Bowl LII.

The matchup for the Super Bowl is set: the New England Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy.

Philadelphia dominated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship, and it wasn’t even close. The Eagles won it, 38-7. Minnesota drove down the field to score on the opening drive of the game, but after a Case Keenum interception gave the Eagles their first points of the game, they didn’t look back.

In the AFC Championship, the Jacksonville Jaguars got out to a decent lead over the New England Patriots, and then proceeded to play it safe, which ultimately cost them. They stopped trying to score points, even kneeling with 50 seconds to go in the first half — the first time any team has done that all season.

Tom Brady and the Patriots, of course, came back and scored multiple times in the fourth quarter to take the lead. The Jaguars didn’t have enough time to respond properly, and put together one of the saddest offensive drives. They lost, and it was ugly.

Personally, I’m extremely uninterested in this Super Bowl matchup. The Patriots are boring and the Eagles are definitely not going to beat them, Nick Foles transforming into a beast notwithstanding. Another Patriots Super Bowl win seems very likely at this point.

But ... it’s the Super Bowl, and we’re about to have a startling lack of football in our lives. I’m sure I’ll watch the same as most of you, and I’ll be rooting for the Eagles.