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Super Bowl 52 matchup allows Tom Brady to match random Joe Montana fact

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Second time’s a charm!

The New England Patriots are headed to Minneapolis in two weeks to face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52. This marks the second time the Patriots and Eagles have squared off in the Super Bowl. The Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21 in Super Bowl 39, back in 2005.

This is Tom Brady’s second crack at the Eagles, and it allows him to match Joe Montana in a random trivia question. Brady joins Montana as the only quarterbacks to start two Super Bowls against the same franchise while facing a different quarterback each game. The 49ers faced the Cincinnati Bengals following the 1981 and 1988 seasons. Ken Anderson started for the Bengals in Super Bowl 16, while Boomer Esiason started for the Bengals in Super Bowl 23. Donovan McNabb started Super Bowl 39, while Nick Foles will start Super Bowl 52.

This really has no bearing on much of anything, but I found it to be randomly interesting, and worth a note!