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What Bears needs could impact 49ers in the NFL Draft?

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The Bears have the eighth overall pick in the NFL Draft. Do the 49ers need to worry about losing a big need to them?

There are at least seven teams and eight picks before the San Francisco 49ers get around to making a pick in the 2018 NFL Draft (potentially more if they lose the coin flip against the Oakland Raiders), and we’re going to go through those teams, looking at their needs and how they can impact the 49ers on draft day.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Chicago Bears, who finished the season with a 5-11 record, putting them in line for the eighth overall pick in the draft.

Chicago Bears (5-11)

Biggest need: WR
Need that impact 49ers: CB
Other needs: RT, DE

The Bears have invested plenty in Mitchell Trubisky, and now they need to solidify the spots around him. Most notably, they need some help at wide receiver, as Kevin White is the only one on the roster with any real ability. Markus Wheaton just isn’t cutting it, and he’s due far too much money in 2018.

The Bears should release him and go for someone like Jarvis Landry in free agency, but if not, someone like Calvin Ridley would be ideal early in the first round.

Also on offense, the team could use an upgrade at right tackle. Bobby Massie is not at all cutting it, and they really need to upgrade that spot. If they find a new right tackle, they could have one of the better offensive lines in the league.

Cornerback is a very significant need, potentially bigger than wide receiver, and that’s where the 49ers get roped in. Cre’von LeBlanc is a decent cornerback, and the Bears can build on him. But they need someone else. They happen to be picking right ahead of the 49ers, and cornerback seems like a great value at No. 8. If I had to pick a team that I was more than 50 percent certain will take a corner, it’s the Bears.