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Jaguars beat writer thinks team will prevent Allen Robinson from hitting free agency

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Robinson is one of the top wide receivers set to hit the open market this offseason.

One of the top potential free agent wide receivers for 2018 is Allen Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Many have suggested he would be a good fit with the San Francisco 49ers under Kyle Shanahan and catching passes from Jimmy Garoppolo.

I tend to agree with those people, but I also don’t personally think Robinson will actually hit the open market. As it turns out, I’m not the only one. Ryan O’Halloran of took a look at Jacksonville’s pending unrestricted free agents, and he gave a prediction on Robinson.

That prediction: Robinson will get the franchise tag or signs a multi-year deal “that includes easy-to-attain incentives if he is healthy in 2018.” The rationalization for re-signing him is that he was the team’s best receiver in 2015-16, and that he’s shown the ability to be close to a No. 1 receiver.

The implication is that Robinson is worth more to the Jaguars than most teams.

But the 49ers get a mention, too. In the “Why let him walk” section, O’Halloran suggests that the 49ers, with patience and cap space, can sign Robinson “to a mega-deal averaging $15 million per year knowing he may not be at full strength when the camp opens and the Jaguars don’t want to go that high with their financial commitment.”

I’m not sure I’d personally be comfortable with that salary, but I also am a believer in Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin as starting receivers. Still, getting a player like Robinson — again, if healthy — can hardly be considered a bad thing given his skillset and upside.