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Jon Gruden may or may not be joking about wanting to sign Jerry Rice to the Raiders

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Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice has been out of the NFL since a brief cup of coffee with the Denver Broncos back in 2005. But it is no surprise that he still thinks he can do it in the NFL. In a recent interview with Adam Schefter (audio), they had an amusing exchange after Schefter asked Rice if he could still play today.

If you can’t see the content above, Rice said he was joking around with Gruden about coming back, telling the new Raiders coach he had about 80 catches in him. According to Rice, Gruden said, “Don’t joke with me cause, you know, we’ll seriously sign you, you know, back to the team.”

Rice attended Jon Gruden’s introductory press conference, and they have a relationship that goes back aways. Gruden got his NFL start as an offensive assistant for the San Francisco 49ers offensive assistant. He and Rice also spent one year together in Oakland, during Gruden’s final year with the organization and Rice’s first.

I don’t doubt that Rice wouldn’t mind getting some run during the offseason workout program or training camp, potentially as an assistant or at least visiting guest. But I find myself wondering how serious Jon Gruden was in his response. I’d think not too serious, but Gruden is not exactly a normal head coach. And given how long it’s been since he coached, maybe, just maybe, he was at least a little serious.

Rice dropped by 49ers minicamp last year to offer up some words of wisdom to the rebuilding team. Maybe we see him suiting up for some workouts in the East Bay this year....