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John Lynch talks about the value of the Senior Bowl in his first trip to Mobile

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The 49ers GM was not hired until after last year’s Senior Bowl, so this is kind of big

The 2018 Senior Bowl wraps up the practice week on Thursday, with the game set for Saturday afternoon. There have been, and will continue to be player meetings, but I imagine a lot of teams will send most of their evaluators home before the game.

The San Francisco 49ers had a full contingent on hand, including John Lynch and several of his deputies. They had a chance to watch practice all week, and meet with players afterward for player interviews.

Lynch spoke with our own Jennifer Chan about the importance of the interview process. It remains to be seen how it will play out with Reuben Foster, but the team seems comfortable with things for now.

Lynch also spoke with NFL Network on Wednesday. You can view the video above, but if you can’t see it, we’ve got a transcript down below. We discussed his Jimmy Garoppolo comments yesterday.

This marked his first trip to the Senior Bowl, having not been hired until after the Senior Bowl ended. The 49ers likely had scouts on hand for that game, but this year the current front office is on hand. The 49ers had a strong draft last year without the benefit of a full front office in place for the Senior Bowl. It set a high bar, but having the benefit of this portion of the evaluative process is pretty huge.

Here’s what he had to say about the week in Mobile.

What he makes of the Senior Bowl:

“It’s an opportunity to get better. You get this collection of really special players. Really credit Phil Savage and his staff for the work they do bringing all these talented players here. A lot of different agendas and all that. But they get them here, and both staffs, the Texans and Broncos are both really doing a nice job putting together some great practices.”

What he’s looking for at practices:

“One thing you realize right away — you can’t see everything. So you kind of divvy it up amongst your staff and really focus on something different each practice. And so that’s what you try to do. There is definitely something to seeing someone in person. You see things on film, and the film doesn’t lie, but sometimes you just get a little different perspective in person. It’s always the best way to see guys. This is, I think, why this is such a great opportunity. They’re actually playing football. They’re not running 40s. They’re playing football.”

Importance of meeting players:

“That’s critical because you start defining the type of guys you want in your building. And, as important as the talent is, that piece is just as important. And you look at the successful organizations, and they’ve figured that out. I think the staffs of the Texans and Broncos, they probably have the biggest advantage because they’re in the meetings. But any opportunity -- we have interviews down here -- and you get an opportunity to get a head start on that.”