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Where you watching the Super Bowl once Jimmy Garoppolo leads the 49ers back to the top?

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It’s a tough call when it’s your own team.

The Super Bowl is a little over a week away, which means it is time to figure out where you’ll be watching the game. Three of the past five years I’ve watched it in the Vox Media offices. The other two I was in attendance, watching the Super Bowl that shall not be named, and then going to the game at Levi’s Stadium.

Prior to moving back to DC in March 2012, I usually would watch the game with friends. That most recent Super Bowl was Giants-Patriots, following the 49ers heartbreaking NFC Championship Game loss. I was in San Francisco and went to a friend’s Super Bowl party. It was a lot of 49ers fans, so that allowed for some commiserating.

As the Super Bowl approaches, all the SB Nation NFL sites are writing about what is the best location/place for watching the Super Bowl. In light of the 49ers run to close out the 2017 season, this got me thinking about the next time the 49ers are in the Super Bowl. I’ll just assume it will be next year, but whenever it is, where would be your best place to watch a Super Bowl involving the 49ers?

Some will continue with their usual tradition of hosting or going to a Super Bowl party. But if it involves the 49ers, does that change how you do it? Where did you watch the 49ers last Super Bowl appearance?

If I did not have to cover the game for work, I’m honestly not sure what I would do for game day. I could watch it with friends, but I also know that I would be kind of a wreck if it was anything other than a 49ers blowout win. There would be some yelling, I might occasionally throw something — suffice to say, it might not be pretty.

How would you plan on viewing that next 49ers Super Bowl?