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The Jimmy Garoppolo trade makes an appearance in Super Bowl prop bets

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It’s inevitable we hear about this on Sunday.

The Super Bowl is a little over a week away, and that means it is time to start considering prop bets. We’ll have a full rundown of prop bets next week, but in the meantime, we have a Jimmy Garoppolo-related prop bet!

The folks at Sports Betting Dime put together this prop bet about the game broadcast:

Odds on which Patriots storyline/controversy the NBC broadcasters will mention first:

  • The Jimmy Garoppolo trade: 1/2
  • Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero: 3/1
  • DeflateGate: 19/1
  • SpyGate: 49/1
  • NONE: 199/1

Anything other than the Garoppolo trade mentioned first seems like a bit of a sucker bet. I think Al Michaels could get a little cheeky in mentioning the other three events, but not before the more pertinent discussion of the trade of Brady’s backup.

What do you think?