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Well running dry with WRs Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson expected to be franchised

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Where do the 49ers look for a wide receiver now?

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we posted that Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson was expected to be franchised if he does not sign a long term extension. That, along with ESPN’s report that Sammy Watkins will get the franchise tag takes out most of the splash signings in 49ers free agency.

With both Watkins and Robinson likely to be off the market, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry remains an option, though no one should be surprised if the Dolphins follow suit and slap him with the tag as well. Plus, with Marquise Goodwin catching balls, bringing in Landry doesn’t make much sense.

Beyond Landry, the pool goes to a another tier. Terrelle Pryor is an option as is Danny Amendola, but would they work on a 49ers offense? Are they really that much of a step up if they came available in free agency?

Now that the two top acquisitions that could help the team are tentatively off the market, is there anyone the 49ers should keep their eyes on for the wide receiver free agent market now? Or just wait until the draft?