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Matt Patricia to Lions, Josh McDaniels to Colts expected after Super Bowl

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Last year, the worst kept secret leading up to Super Bowl 51 was the fact that Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was going to leave after the Super Bowl to become head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It does not happen every year, but it is not rare that a Super Bowl coordinator is expected to head to a new job within days of the big game.

This year, the New England Patriots will have two of those coordinators. Adam Schefter confirmed the multiple reports we have already seen that defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will depart after the Super Bowl to coach the Detroit Lions, and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will depart to coach the Indianapolis Colts.

The 49ers face the Colts this past season, so they will not square off again for four years. However, the 49ers will face the Lions this season, as part of their run against NFC North opponents. The Lions got off to a strong start this season, opening the season 3-1, including a road win against the Minnesota Vikings. Matthew Stafford had a big season, but they stumbled in the middle, and finished a game out of the playoff picture.

Patricia will be a big addition particularly for a defense that was not atrocious, but needs improvement. The question for the defensive-minded Patricia is who will handle the offensive coordinator duties. Jim Bob Cooter is the incumbent OC, but it seems likely Patricia looks to change things up. That will be a particularly important decision heading into 2018.