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14 names in our latest NN mock draft database update

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Will we see consensus anytime soon?

The 2018 Senior Bowl is officially in the rear view mirror, and that means the pre-draft process begins the road to the NFL Combine. With the Senior Bowl behind us, I thought I would take a new look at our NN mock draft database. There are still a lot of mock drafts slow to update, but we have enough updates to at least give it a look.

We are up to 31 mock drafts, and will continue adding mocks as more media jump in on it. For now though, the 31 mock drafts suggest 14 different players to the 49ers. Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson continues to hold a plurality of the picks with eight mock drafts. The 49ers have a big need at guard, but it is tough to say if Nelson will actually be there at No. 9/10.

Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is picking up some steam, and is now second with five mock drafts. He can play any of the linebacker positions while also moving down to edge rusher. The 49ers need help on the edge, but could also use a boost in depth at the second level. I can see why he is showing up in mock drafts.

The newest name to join the list is Florida State wide receiver Auden Tate. Buffalo Bills beat writer Matthew Fairburn had this to say about Tate to the 49ers in his latest mock draft.

The 49ers have their franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. Now they need to surround him with talent. Auden Tate is the most physically dominant receiver prospect in this draft class. Who knows if he’ll be drafted this high, but he deserves as much consideration at Calvin Ridley or Christian Kirk, the two most talked about wide receiver prospects in this draft.

This year’s wide receiver class does not have a single player clearly jumping ahead of the rest at this point. A strong Combine for one or more could change that. That being said, I still don’t think we see the 49ers spend the No. 9/10 pick on wide receiver. If there was a no doubt option there, so be it, but for the time being, that does not seem to be the case.