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Matt Hasselbeck needs to do his research on 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk

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The AFC beat the NFC in the 2018 Pro Bowl, but we did get a chance to see the San Francisco 49ers in action. Most notably, fullback Kyle Juszczyk finished the game with four rushes for 12 yards and one reception for 20 yards.

His first rush came on a 4th and 1 in the first quarter. He converted the play, eventually setting up an NFC touchdown. You can watch that below.

Matt Hasselbeck was in the ESPN booth handling color commentary alongside play-by-play man Sean McDonough. Hasselbeck is believed to be a favorite to handle color work for Monday Night Football this fall now that Jon Gruden has returned to the sideline. The Pro Bowl was a sort of tryout for Hasselbeck.

He made one slightly notable mistake in calling Juszczyk’s fourth down conversion. He talked about how fullbacks rarely get the ball. Except, Juszczyk ended up getting a lot of touches this year, finishing the season with 33 receptions and seven rushes. And Juszczyk noticed the call. One fun thing they do during the Pro Bowl is allow players to tweet from the sideline during the game. That’s against the rules during preseason, regular season, and playoff games, but not the Pro Bowl.

Thanks to their finish this past season, there is a really good chance the 49ers get one or two Monday Night Football games in 2018. Matt Hasselbeck should do a little research before then.