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Are 49ers secure with Matt Breida as the primary backup?

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Did Breida do enough to convince you that the 49ers are set at backup running back?

Carlos Hyde is a divisive player around these parts, but I’m personally a fan. I’m not sure how likely it is he returns to the San Francisco 49ers, though. I expect he’ll get significant interest from other teams. But say he does return, or that the 49ers find a suitable replacement. I want to talk about the backup.

That backup, of course, is Matt Breida. An undrafted rookie last year, he was quite productive when he got ahold of the football. I expect the 49ers wouldn’t be comfortable with him as a starter just yet, but are they set at backup? For the purposes of this piece, we’re not going to spend too much time on Joe Williams.

Brieda was in on 28.18 percent of the 49ers’ offensive snaps while Hyde, the starter, was in on 71.18 percent. Breida carried the ball 105 times for 465 yards and a pair of touchdowns, while fumbling the ball once (it was recovered by the 49ers).

His per-carry average of 4.43 yards was both higher than Hyde’s (3.91 yards) and good enough to rank him 10th in the entire league in the stat. Many of the guys above him also had fewer than 200 carries. He also ranked 13th in the NFC in rushes of over 10 yards at 17 (Hyde had 27).

He was also effective as a receiver, at times. He caught 21 of the 36 passes thrown his way for 180 yards and a touchdown and 137 of those yards came after the catch. The big problem, though, is that he contributed to the 49ers’ extensive drop problems.

The 49ers had 29 drops, second-most in the league, and Breida had five of those drops, tied with George Kittle for second-most on the team. Hyde led the team with six drops.

How do these stats sound to you? Personally, I’m a big fan of Breida as a backup, and I’m not really confident the 49ers are all that excited about Williams. I think I’d want for some assurance ahead of Breida — whether or not that is Hyde is immaterial — but I do believe in his ability to be a backup. What say you?