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One year ago today, the San Francisco 49ers hired John Lynch

Not too shabby.

It has certainly been quite a year for the San Francisco 49ers. And today, we get to celebrate a big anniversary. One year ago today, the 49ers agreed to terms with new general manager John Lynch.

The news was a surprise to virtually all of us, given Lynch did not have any significant front office experience prior to the hiring. During the lead up to Lynch getting hired, the team had publicly acknowledged interviewing Arizona Cardinals Vice President of Player Personnel Terry McDonough and Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton. However, Jennifer Chan reported at the time that there was a mystery third candidate who interviewed, but nobody knew who it was.

We later learned from Lynch that part of his process was to make sure the 49ers kept his involvement a secret. The 49ers had numerous issues with leaks the previous few years, and Lynch in part used this as a way to test the 49ers. They passed with flying colors, as most everybody was stunned by the announcement.

It turned out that Lynch had reached out on his own to presumed 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan about potentially serving as general manager. While still at FOX Sports, Lynch had been the color guy for Shanahan’s divisional round game, and their connections led Lynch to call Shanahan and discuss it. It was about as unorthodox as one might expect.

A year later, it’s hard not to love the decision. The front office missed on some free agents, and it has only been one year of data to evaluate, but all things considered, I’m not sure the last year could have gone much better. Even with the 0-9 start, the team remained together, and of course, the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo helped turn things around and build moment heading into 2018.

When Adam Schefter first reported the news, I included a poll asking people to rate the hiring on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Opinions were decidedly mixed, with 5 edging out 7 and then 1.

Now that we have a year under our belts, it’s time to rate it again. Through one full year, how would you rate the hiring of John Lynch on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best)?

If you can’t see the poll below, click here.


A year later, rate the John Lynch hiring

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