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Super Bowl prop bets contest for NN readers

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We are less than a week away from Super Bowl 52, and gambling is in the air — well, at least for me it is. The Super Bowl provides a chance to bet on everything from who will win to Tom Brady passing yards to the length of the National Anthem. With that in mind, it’s contest time here at NN.

I have created a Google form with 14 questions plus a tiebreaker. I mixed it up so we have both football and non-football questions. If you can’t see the form below, click here. The tiebreaker and your username are mandatory. If you are just now registering your name at the site, there is s 24-hour probationary period. If you register the day before or the day of the Super Bowl, you can tweet at me, or email ninersnation at gmail and I can activate your account.

There is only entry per person. Please do not include multiple entries if at all possible, as it clutters up the spreadsheet of entries. If you have to make a change after you submit the form, let me know in the comments.