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John Elway ‘liked’ a report that three GMs said they would not trade for Aqib Talib

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It means nothing ... and everything.

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The new league year is still a month and a half away, and trade and free agency chatter will pick up at the 2018 NFL Combine. But that won’t stop us from reading way too much into Twitter accounts!

While athletes and fans have been on Twitter for years, NFL executives have only more recently joined in the social media chaos. San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch joined Twitter after taking on his new job, and he said Denver Broncos GM John Elway had suggested it to him.

One intriguing aspect of Twitter is seeing what people “like” and retweet. For those who don’t know how Twitter works, you can either retweet something for others to see, or you can click a “like” button. Some people “like” just to show appreciation, while some “like” to check things out later.

On Monday, John Elway liked a report regarding Aqib Talib. There has been trade chatter surrounding Talib, and a report came out over the weekend that three general managers said at the Senior Bowl they would not be willing to trade for him. In case Elway decides to unlike it, our friends at Mile High Report captured a screen shot.

Earlier this week, we wrote about how Talib could be on his way out in Denver. He is due $11 million this coming season, with none of it guaranteed. There are questions about his locker room demeanor, and there are not many people who would be surprised to see him released or cut before the coming season.

So what does this mean for Talib? Heck if I know. Maybe Elway thinks those GMs are probably right. Maybe he’s thinking, “I’ll show them!” I doubt we’ll ever get a clear answer from Elway on this one. It’s also entirely possible he accidentally clicked the “like” button, but I doubt it.

The 49ers have a big need at cornerback. Ahkello Witherspoon emerged as a solid starter on the outside, and K’Waun Williams earned a contract extension as their nickel back. The 49ers could invest a high draft pick in a starter, or we could see them spend big free agency bucks on the position. Talib is still playing well, but considering he turns 32 next month, wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in somebody a little younger? They could get a strong year from him in 2018, but I’m thinking more along the lines of 2019, 2020, and beyond.

Acquiring Talib now would seemingly serve to kick the can down the road with regard to the position. The 49ers very well might not think the free agency market and draft pool can otherwise provide the necessary talent for 2018. In that case, cap space is certainly not an issue. But I’m a little skeptical we see them invest too much in Talib.