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Titans requested interview with 49ers defensive assistant DeMeco Ryans, were blocked

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DeMeco Ryans is well regarded as a rising name.

The San Francisco 49ers coaching staff has had limited turnover this offseason, and it looks like they will NOT lose one of their notable names. New Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel is putting together his coaching staff, and he approached the 49ers about interviewing defensive assistant DeMeco Ryans. The 49ers blocked the interview, according to Titans reporter Jason Wolf.

Ryans is one of the 49ers defensive quality coaches. As Wolf mentioned, he is highly regarded. Prior to the 2016 season, then 49ers head coach Chip Kelly said Ryans was the current or former player he thought would make a great head coach one day.

Last summer, we learned from 49ers linebackers coach Johnny Holland that Ryans was serving as a mentor to rookie linebacker Reuben Foster. Ryans is not too far removed from his NFL career, which provides him critical insight he can pass along to one of the 49ers best young players.

Ryans has a bright future in the NFL, and for now it remains with the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh had brought in Ken Norton Jr. to serve as inside linebackers coach and assistant head coach, but he quickly left for the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive coordinator job. It is possible Ryans could get a bump in title, but even if he doesn’t, he will no doubt continue working with Foster and the linebackers.

Just a reminder on the rules: a team cannot block an assistant coach under contract from interviewing for a head coach position. However, they can prevent an assistant under contract from interviewing for any other job on another coaching staff. Ryans joined Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff last year, and is likely signed to a three- or four-year contract.