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49ers only have to travel once to eastern time zone in 2018

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The 49ers will be headed to the pirate ship in 2018.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The San Francisco 49ers will find out their full schedule in April, but in the meantime, we know the cities to which they will travel in 2018 for their eight regular season road games. Knowledge is half the battle, and this gives us some helpful insight into aspects of the 49ers schedule.

The most important issues relate to travel. The 49ers will always have a lot of travel miles. According to 49ers team reporter Joe Fann, they are expected to travel approximately 20,252 miles in 2018. Last year, they traveled 23,758 miles, and in 2016, they traveled 22,130 miles. There is no word yet on if they would get either a London or Mexico City game, which would increase that number.

One piece of good news is that this year they will only have one trip to the eastern time zone. They will travel to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, due to the Buccaneers last place finish in the NFC South. The two other eastern time zone teams they face are the New York Giants and Detroit Lions, but both those games will take place at Levi’s Stadium.

We’ve regularly heard about the difficulty of west coast teams traveling to the eastern time zone. The 49ers have had their share off success in the past when traveling east, but these kinds of trips don’t make life any easier. It’s nice to only have to deal with one of them this season.