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Are the 49ers set with C.J. Beathard as the only backup quarterback?

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Do the 49ers need to add to the quarterback position in the offseason?

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers started the season with Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback, and very few people expected C.J. Beathard to get playing time as a rookie. He was considered raw and not ready to run that kind of offense. But he did end up playing, and eventually took over the starting role from Hoyer.

His play was decent at times, but mostly unremarkable. But there are some who believe strongly that he can be a good starter in the NFL. There were (and still are) many readers here who were upset about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade based on Beathard’s limited action under center.

After the trade, I wrote how the 49ers have what seems to be a very reliable backup in Beathard. He’s got a command of the offense and is extremely durable. But he did make some mistakes, albeit thrust into a tough situation in starting for the 49ers.

Beathard finished his rookie season having played in seven games, completing 123 of 224 passes for 1,430 yards, four touchdowns and six interceptions. That’s a 54.9 completion percentage, which isn’t stellar, and the interceptions are a problem, but he likely exceeded expectations overall.

But is he good enough, right now, to be the primary backup? Should the 49ers try and bring in a veteran in free agency, or even draft another quarterback? Or is Beathard the guy outside of whatever camp bodies are brought in, and he will be behind Garoppolo on the depth chart for the foreseeable future.

Beathard was a third-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, at a spot that many believed was too high, though none of us know what’s heard in draft rooms.