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49ers assistant coach expected to take UCLA position coach job

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The 49ers defensive line will be looking for a new assistant coach.

San Francisco 49ers v Indianapolis Colts

It sounds like Kyle Shanahan will have to replace at least one of his assistant coaches heading into 2018. Assistant defensive line coach Vince Oghobaase is expected to join Chip Kelly at UCLA as defensive line coach, according to FOX Sports reporter Bruce Feldman.

Oghobaase first joined the 49ers in 2016 as assistant defensive line coach for Kelly. Prior to that job, he spent three years as a defensive graduate assistant at Ohio State University. It is not at all surprising then that he would take a promotion with a coach who already know shim.

Jefff Zgonina is the 49ers defensive line coach. The 49ers will have a lot of options to consider for an assistant role. The defensive line is one of the deeper units on the team following three straight first round picks, and some investments in free agency and waivers. It would seem to be an enticing job for a young assistant looking to work with a group of potential rising stars.