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49ers could have over $56 million in 2017 salary cap space to roll over to 2018

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The one upside to some crappy teams? A lot of cap space now.

The San Francisco 49ers have a ton of cap space in 2018, and that number will grow with a sizable the chunk the team will be able to roll over from 2017. The NFL and NFLPA will at some point announce how much 2017 salary cap space each team will roll over into the 2018 league year. This year, the NFLPA’s public salary cap report suggests the 49ers could have $56,048,430 in cap space to roll over.

The NFLPA announced on January 18, 2017 what cap space would be rolled over from 2016. They have not yet announced the official numbers for this year, but we should find out in relatively short order. We will find out the official salary cap in late February or early March, at which point we should know how much the 49ers are rolling over on top of their 2018 space.

The 49ers are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $115 million in cap space for the coming season. That puts them in a position to be aggressive in free agency, even if they end up coming to terms on a contract extension with Jimmy Garoppolo. More importantly, it puts them in a position to front-load contracts. In doing so, it sets them up to retain serious cap space in future years.

Over The Cap has a breakdown of team cap space for 2018, 2019, and 2020. The 49ers are on track to lead the NFL in 2018 space, and are currently second in 2019 and sixth in 2020. That does not include money rolled over. The 49ers could be plenty active this offseason and still roll over a sizable chunk of cap space next year. Even with a lot of additions to make this offseason, the state of the 49ers salary cap is strong.