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Did Washington make the right move in trading for Alex Smith?

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Smith was arguably an MVP candidate for much of last season.

I like Alex Smith, and I think the Kansas City Chiefs made a mistake by trading him to Washington on Tuesday. Of course, I’m also a bit bummed out because I prefer the Chiefs to Washington, my least favorite team by a wide margin. It will be hard to root for Smith playing for Washington, a team far less likable than the Chiefs.

But still, I’m happy for Smith because he’s being paid like a top tier quarterback, which he is. Smith may be getting slightly overpaid, but he was a legitimate MVP candidate for most of last season, and it wasn’t his fault the Chiefs ultimately didn’t make a deep run in the playoffs.

Smith’s accuracy and completion percentage continue to amaze, and as much as it pains me to say it, working under Jay Gruden may be a perfect situation for him. He can run the same offense that Kirk Cousins ran, but far more efficiently, and probably with a bit less big-play ability.

I think the Chiefs aren’t going to perform well without Smith. He was the reason that offense was even remotely successful. I don’t know if Smith will lead Washington to the playoffs and once there, deep into them, but I do expect him to, as usual, put up a strong individual effort.

It will be interesting to see what else Washington does this offseason. Are they going to build heavily to give Smith weapons, or are they going to shore up the defense, trusting that the offense, at the very least, won’t commit turnovers? That’s the question for any team with Smith as the starting quarterback, it seems.

How do you folks feel about it? Do you think the Chiefs made the right move? How about Washington? Are you happy for Smith?