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Joe Staley, Trent Brown among most efficient pass blockers

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Both ranked among the top six, according to the folks at Pro Football Focus.

The San Francisco 49ers need help on the offensive line, though the concern primarily lies on the interior. Outside, they have Joe Staley at left tackle and Trent Brown at right tackle, both strong players. Staley and Brown were not only rock solid last season, but they were among the most efficient pass blockers in the league.

That’s according to Pro Football Focus, who listed Brown and Staley among the top six tackles in pass blocking efficiency. The stat takes into account pressures allowed on a per-snap basis, with weighting toward sacks.

Staley has a 96.7 efficiency grade, while Brown came in at 97.0, which lines up with what I saw on tape, as Brown was clearly the team’s best offensive lineman in 2017.

The other tackles appearing on the list are Ryan Schraeder of the Atlanta Falcons (97.1), Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles (97.2), Demar Dotson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (97.6) and David Bakhtiari of the Green Bay Packers (98.0).

Hopefully, Staley has enough left in the tank to put together a couple more strong seasons, and that Brown continues playing with the 49ers. I don’t like those weird rumors that suggested Kyle Shanahan was unhappy with Brown’s communication regarding his injuries this past season, but I have a feeling we’d have heard something else if they were to amount to anything.

For now, the 49ers have potentially the best tackle duo in the league. Where they’re hurting is guard and center, but if they manage to upgrade one of those interior spots to a high level, they could have a sneakily strong offensive line in 2018 and onward.