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Report: Browns tried to trade for Alex Smith

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Another failed trade. LOL Browns

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

The arguments for how bad the Alex Smith trade was for Washington and how good it was for the Kansas City Chiefs will be going into the weekend, but there’s one constant: the Cleveland Browns again failed at getting a quarterback trade done.

Browns beat writer Mary Kay Calbot tweeted out that the Browns tried to get a deal done to send Smith to Ohio rather than the District of Columbia. As you can probably tell by the way Niners Nation’s front page looks, that deal never happened.

This is chuckle-worthy at the very least, because that’s now the third trade the Browns have engineered to failure. The first would be Jimmy Garoppolo, where they reportedly offered the New England Patriots way more than what the San Francisco 49ers were going to give and came away with a, “Thanks, but no thanks”.

The second trade, one with A.J. McCarron and the Cincinnati Bengals should have been done, but due to celebrating and not essentially pushing the button before the trade deadline nullified it.

And then there’s this. A deal to send Alex Smith to Cleveland, Ohio for draft picks. There are some mitigating factors in this. For one thing, several have reported the Chiefs wanted cornerback Kendall Fuller badly. You won’t find that guy on the Browns. Also, if you’re comparing the two dumpster fires, Washington may have been seen as the lesser of the two. The Chiefs obviously are appreciative of what Smith has done and don’t want him to go somewhere where his career falls off a cliff, at least not immediately.

Washington has its own roster issues, especially when they gave up one of the more up and coming cornerbacks in the league. But they at least could win at least a game in 2017.

But lets be real, this is all about the Browns.

LOL Browns! Just LOL.