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Here is a list of every organization to which Colin Kaepernick donated money

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has spent the past year and a half working with organizations across the country as part of his $1 million pledge. On January 31, 2018, he announced the last of the donations. The final $100,000 was part of a program in which he announced ten donations of $10,000 to ten different organizations, with matching donations from different celebrities.

Plenty of people long ago moved on from Kap and don’t care about any of this. Some folks do still have interest in the work he is doing. With that in mind, I wanted to list out every organization that has received money from Kaepernick and his friends as part of this process. 40 different organizations received some kind of donation from Colin Kaepernick this year, and ten of them received some additional funding from his friends.

This does not include the money he has put into running his Know Your Rights Camps. Additionally, his donation to Somalia Famine Relief was part of broader work with Ben Stiller that raised $3 million and helped get a plane to deliver supplies to Somalia.

I’ve included links to the organizational websites in case you want to learn more and/or potentially donate to them. SI also had a great article in December in which they spoke with people from several of these organizations about how the donations happened.

October 2016

Silicon Valley De-Bug ($25,000)
Causa Justa/Just Cause ($25,000)
Urban Underground ($25,000)
Mothers Against Police Brutality ($25,000)

November 2016

Black Youth Project (25,000)
Gathering For Justice/Justice League ($25,000)
Communities United for Police Reform ($25,000)
I Will Not Die Young Campaign ($25,000)

December 2016

UCSF for “The Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock” ($50,000)
Appetite for Change ($25,000)
Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation ($25,000)

January 2017

Black Veterans For Social Justice ($25,000)
350 Global Environmental Organization ($25,000)
Center For Reproductive Rights ($25,000)
CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) ($25,000)

February 2017

Meals on Wheels ($50,000)
Somalia Famine Relief ($50,000)

March 2017

Life After Hate ($50,000)
Leaders Of A Beautiful Struggle ($25,000)
Silence Is Violence ($25,000)

April 2017

Assata’s Daughters ($25,000)
Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure (H.O.M.E.) ($25,000)
Grassroots Leadership ($25,000)
American Friends Service Committee ($25,000)

May 2017

The Dreamville Foundation ($34,000)
Lower East Side Girls Club ($33,000)
100 Suits For 100 Men ($33,000)

June 2017

DREAM (Formerly RBI Harlem) ($25,000)
Coalition For The Homeless ($25,000)
Justice League NYC: War on Children Program ($25,000)
United We Dream ($25,000)


DeBug San Jose ($20,000 with Kevin Durant)
The Advancement Project ($20,000 with Jesse Williams)
United Playaz ($20,000 with Steph Curry)
Mothers Against Police Brutality ($35,000 with Snoop Dogg)
Imagine LA ($20,000 with Serena Williams)
Angel By Nature ($20,000 with TI)
Schools on Wheels ($30,000 with Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko)
Communities United By Police Reform ($40,000 with Nick Cannon, Joey Badass)
Youth Services, Inc. ($20,000 with Meek Mill)
H.O.M.E, linked above ($20,000 with Usher)