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Broncos tried to trade for Alex Smith, Aqib Talib was reportedly offered

But the Chiefs let Smith pick his destination, it seems.

The Cleveland Browns suck at making trades, apparently. Patrick Holloway already wrote how the Browns tried to trade for Alex Smith, who wound up being traded to Washington by the Kansas City Chiefs. It sounds like the Browns offered more than Washington, but Smith picked Washington, and the Chiefs acquiesced to his choice.

On top of that, though, the Denver Broncos were in on the trade talks, and they offered a pretty decent amount: a second-round pick and cornerback Aqib Talib, according to Nathan Zegura.

Washington traded a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller for Smith, and signed him to a massive four-year contract extension. All things being equal, Talib is a more proven player than Fuller, so the Denver deal should have been more enticing to Kansas City. The Cleveland deal included “multiple picks,” and also should have been more enticing, but they wanted Smith signed to a shorter contract.

Talib is a big name, and should be considered a significant bargaining chip. I know I’d love to have Talib on the San Francisco 49ers roster though, of course, he also comes with a huge contract. It’s likely that Kansas City didn’t want to deal with that contract, and they are fans of Fuller.

There’s also the fact that there is a lot of respect for Smith. Some fans consider him a joke, including 49ers fans, but Smith is a professional in every sense of the word. He’s respected by coaches, personnel folks and players around the league. The Chiefs gave his opinion sway, and he’s going to the team he wants to — the team that offered him the best deal and most job security.