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2018 NFL playoff predictions: Vikings will be first home team to play in the Super Bowl city

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Can the Vikings win their first Lombardi Trophy in five attempts?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The 2018 NFL playoffs get going this weekend, and that means it is time for some picks and predictions. We’ll be back with picks against the spread for wild card weekend, but I thought we’d get things going with picks from the Niners Nation staff. I’ve embedded them in a table below, and will continue updating the table as picks come in.

For now, there are eight sets of picks submitted. Of the eight, four have picked the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl, and a fifth picked them to win the NFC title game but lose in the Super Bowl. This is notable for two reasons. The first is that Minneapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this year, and this marks the first time the host stadium hosted its own team for the big game. The San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl 19 win over the Miami Dolphins was the closest prior, but it was played at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto.

The second reason is that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl. Prior to the Buffalo Bills losing four straight Super Bowls, the Vikings lost four Super Bowls in eight years between Super Bowl 4 and Super Bowl 11. It’s safe to say this team winning a Super Bowl would be a huge deal in that regard. It would also be crazy given how this offense has performed with Case Keenum at quarterback, and after losing rookie running back Dalvin Cook. It would be a crazy way to cap off a fairly unpredictable 2017 NFL season.

Here is a rundown of all our predictions. I have a Patriots-Vikings Super Bowl, primarily because I just can’t see the Jaguars going into Foxboro and beating the Patriots this year.

2018 NFL playoff predictions

Wild Card Fooch James Brady Patrick Holloway Oscar Aparicio TryAndCatchVD ak4niner Steve Busichio Tracy Sandler
Wild Card Fooch James Brady Patrick Holloway Oscar Aparicio TryAndCatchVD ak4niner Steve Busichio Tracy Sandler
Falcons-Rams Rams Falcons Rams Rams Rams Rams Falcons Rams
Panthers-Saints Saints Panthers Saints Saints Saints Panthers Saints Saints
Bills-Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Bills Jaguars Jaguars
Titans-Chiefs Titans Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Div - Eagles vs. ___ Saints Eagles Saints Saints Saints Rams Eagles Rams
Div - Vikings vs. ___ Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings Rams Vikings Saints Vikings
Div - Patriots vs. ___ Patriots Patriots Chiefs Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Div - Steelers vs. ___ Jaguars Steelers Jaguars Jaguars Steelers Chiefs Steelers Steelers
AFC Champ Patriots Vikings Vikings Vikings Saints Rams Saints Vikings
NFC Champ Vikings Patriots Chiefs Patriots Patriots Chiefs Patriots Steelers
Super Bowl Champ Vikings Vikings Chiefs Vikings Saints Rams Patriots Vikings