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Sean McVay: ‘[Jimmy Garoppolo] is a stud, man.’

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The San Francisco 49ers season finale against the Los Angeles Rams featured Rams head coach Sean McVay mic’d up. You can watch the whole video above, but the first minute is the most interesting for 49ers fans.

During pre-game warmups, McVay chatted with John Lynch, Jed York, and a 49ers assistant. In all three segments we hear him complimenting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. To Lynch, we hear McVay say, “Guy looks pretty good playing quarterback for you. He’s a stud, man.”

To the random 49ers assistant, he was impressive with, “[h]is ability to speed it up, he sure is wired the right way, isn’t he? Oh my gosh.

Finally, we see him chatting with Jed and he says, “He’s got a nice way about himself. I was just telling Jon Embree, you can only see so much when a guy’s mic’d. Just listening him interact with his teammates, you like that guy.”

It’s not surprising to hear more positive comments, but it’s still cool hearing it from an offensive guru like McVay.