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Raiders to introduce Jon Gruden as head coach in Tuesday press conference

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Chucky’s back.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

ESPN announcer Jon Gruden will call his final game as an announcer (for now) on Saturday when the Kansas City Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans. The Oakland Raiders will introduce him next Tuesday as their next head coach, according to columnist Steve Corkran (seconded by Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport).

The best part of Corkran’s report is the Raiders are planning a “splashy” news conference. I assume that will not involve Al Davis’ infamous overhead projector.

Bay Area football has certainly been upgraded lately. The San Francisco 49ers took a big step forward with Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback, and will be a playoff pick for a lot of media this summer. The Raiders showed progress last year under Jack Del Rio, but the chance to get Gruden has always been enticing to owner Mark Davis.

Gruden has not coached since 2008, instead working for ESPN on Monday Night Football and his Gruden QB camp. He’s a smart guy, but it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to an NFL that has changed plenty since he last roamed the sideline.

But however it plays out for the Raiders on the field, the hype is going to be serious!