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Blake Countess fined $48,620 for hit on Marquise Goodwin

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Word on Week 17 fines has arrived, and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Blake Countess was fined $48,620 for his hit on San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin. The fine is extra steep because it is Countess’ second such incident in five weeks. He was also fined $24,309 after a Week 12 hit on New Orleans Saints tight end Coby Fleener.

The hit left Goodwin briefly unconscious and with a concussion. He went to the hospital from the stadium, but was cleared that same day and allowed to return to Santa Clara with the team. In media availability the next day, he said he was not feeling any symptoms, and could have played the next week if the 49ers had a game.

Considering this was the second incident for Countess, I’m surprised he did not face a suspension. Given that the playoffs are starting this weekend, I wonder if, had the second hit taken place earlier in the season, Countess might have faced a suspension then. The NFL is woefully inconsistent with their discipline, so nothing would surprise me.