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What happens to Alex Smith next season?

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Will he be traded as the Chiefs transition to Patrick Mahomes?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Look, we’re always going to talk about Alex Smith when there’s something worth talking about that involves him. He was a big part of a very rough time in San Francisco 49ers history, but he was always a good soldier, a great guy to cover and he’s done good things with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He did more of those good things on Saturday, enough to give the Chiefs a win. But Andy Reid and the rest of the coaching staff failed the team, which means they failed Smith. He didn’t play great in the second half, but ultimately, it was the absolutely horrific play-calling that doomed the Chiefs.

Still, Smith is at the tail-end of the best season of his career, in which he lead the NFL in deep pass completion percentage, lead the NFL in quarterback rating, threw very few interceptions and in general played great football. It seems crazy that the Chiefs plan to move on from Smith after such a season, but that is the popular rumor for now.

Patrick Mahomes is waiting in the wings, and while I think he could use another year on the bench, the Chiefs seem primed to move on from Smith. Most believe that Smith could be traded at some point this offseason, and I’d guess it’s pretty likely.

So where does Smith go?

Smith, if available, is the best quarterback on the market. Of all the players teams can sign, trade for or draft, Smith is the best and honestly, it’s not close. That doesn’t mean a team should trade for him and hedge their entire future on him — the ideal scenario has a rookie or young player learning behind him.

Many have joked that he’s going to the Cleveland Browns, which isn’t that crazy a scenario. The Browns will likely draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, but have some talent on the offensive side of the ball that could immediately benefit from someone like Smith, as would the rookie who sits on the bench behind him.

I’d guess that the Browns are a more-likely choice than most other teams. A lot of them that need quarterbacks already have someone to keep going for another year or two — the New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers and even the New York Jets.

The Denver Broncos probably have enough guys they are at least ambivalent about, so they are more likely interested in a rookie than Smith, but they aren’t a terrible option, either. John Elway feels strongly that the Broncos have enough pieces to field a playoff team, and Smith could be the one that’s missing.

What do you think happens with Smith for 2018-19?