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Report: Browns were willing to give up Texans first round pick, more for Jimmy Garoppolo

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Something is amiss with the Patriots and the Jimmy Garoppolo trade

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers’ acquisition of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been the subject of much discussion dating back to the Halloween Eve deal. The 49ers sent a second round pick to the New England Patriots, shortly before the annual NFL trade deadline. There were questions about it at the time, but as Garoppolo found considerable success over the final month of the season, the buzz around what the Patriots were thinking reached a roar.

The latest news out of Cleveland will only add to the confusion surrounding the trade. Cleveland sports columnist Terry Pluto is reporting the Browns were willing to offer up the Houston Texans’ first round pick “and other goodies” in a deal for Garoppolo. Pluto reported the Browns spoke to the Patriots on October 28, but were told Garoppolo wasn’t available. The team reportedly told the Patriots to call them if they changed their mind on dealing Garoppolo. Pluto is reporting the Browns never heard back on Garoppolo as the trade went down with the 49ers.

The whole situation remains baffling. ESPN reported Bob Kraft told Bill Belichick he had to deal Garoppolo. All parties involved have denied that, but as more information presents itself, it’s hard not to think something is amiss.

Some have suggested Belichick wanted to stick it to the Browns for when he was fired back in the 90s. Given that the Browns organization that fired Belichick later became the Baltimore Ravens, that does not hold water. Additionally, Belichick has made trades with the Browns in the past.

There have also been reports Belichick respected Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, and due to his respect for Jimmy Garoppolo, he felt the Bay Area represented the best opportunity for the quarterback to find success. I can see a little more logic to that, but given how Belichick is focused on winning, wouldn’t acquiring higher draft picks make more sense to him? Or is he getting sentimental late in his career?

I still think something is amiss in Foxboro, and this trade was fallout from those issues. I just don’t buy this idea that Belichick rolled over on a deal like this out of the goodness of his heart. Maybe he did, but I don’t buy it.