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49ers have drastically improved Super Bowl 53 odds

The Raiders have increased expectations with the arrival of Gruden. The 49ers apparently have greater expectations!

Super Bowl 52 is still weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped oddsmakers from posting preliminary Super Bowl 53 odds for the 2018-19 season. The Westgate SuperBook posted their first odds for next year’s Super Bowl, and it’s safe to say expectations are high for the San Francisco 49ers.

The SuperBook has installed the 49ers at 20/1 odds. They are the same as odds for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Carolina Panthers. The Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams both lead the way in the NFC West at 18/1. The New England Patriots are atop the odds at 5/1.

It is interesting to note where the 49ers Bay Area brethren are listed. The Oakland Raiders will introduce Jon Gruden on Tuesday as their next head coach, and they have high expectations. And yet, they are not as high as the 49ers, with Oakland installed at 30/1.

The San Francisco 49ers head into this offseason with as much momentum as any non-playoff team. Last year, they entered the offseason with 150/1 Super Bowl odds, and by Week 1, were at 300/1. After Week 7, the 49ers and Cleveland Browns became the first teams to be removed from the board for Super Bowl 52 odds.

It’s not surprising to see the 49ers odds get this kind of early jump. Plenty can and will change between now and the start of the regular season, but oddsmakers likely expected heavy 49ers action coming out of the gate. They were not going to give them easy long-shot odds that could cost them a year from now.