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Do 49ers need to upgrade wide receiver position?

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Did Marquise Goodwin’s emergence at the end of the season change the 49ers’ plans at wide receiver?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

About halfway through the season, with Pierre Garcon injured and Marquise Goodwin still waiting to break out, many considered wide receiver to be a top need of the San Francisco 49ers. They needed to target someone high in the NFL Draft or at least make more moves in free agency.

Enter Jimmy Garoppolo, and the position is looking a lot better. Marquise Goodwin showed superstar potential down the stretch, and seems primed for a starting role going forward. He finished the season with 56 receptions for 962 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Garcon is another matter, and a difficult one. He was playing great football before he got injured, and had multiple highlight reel toe-dragging catches on the sidelines. But with the injury and his age (32 when next season begins), is he someone the 49ers should bet on going forward?

I think it’s risky, but if he recovers, I’d wager he has a good year. He had caught 40 passes for 500 yards before he was placed on injured reserve.

A top two of Garcon and Goodwin didn’t inspire a ton of confidence at the beginning of the year, but considering everything that happened this past season, it’s hard to consider wide receiver a huge need, at least immediately. That would also give the 49ers more opportunities to see what they have in Trent Taylor and Kendrick Bourne, both rookies this past season.

Bourne finished the regular season with 16 receptions for 257 yards. Taylor finished with 43 receptions for 430 yards and a pair of touchdowns.