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Watch a 49ers camera man shut down the Cardinals’ photo op

Not much to laugh at from Sunday, but this is part of the “not much.”

Trying to find anything funny from the San Francisco 49ers loss to the Arizona Cardinals is nigh impossible, but I think I finally found something. Rob Lowder tweeted footage of a Cardinals touchdown celebration photo, or at least their attempt at one. The problem was, they were looking at a 49ers cameraman who wanted no part of it:

The group photo celebration has been pretty popular. The Los Angeles Chargers did it after an interception to C.J. Beathard last week and it’s been attempted league at large. The poses may get more immaculate as time goes on, but as an unbiased football fan, the group photo is off to a good start.

As a 49ers fan, it’s hard to like the group pose, given it’s the other team, but I absolutely love how the Cardinals are denied their photo op. The best part was when they got so frustrated they tried to get the camera and do it themselves, but the cameraman shuts them down.

Maybe this should be the only guy taking photos at 49ers games from now on.