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49ers pick first, secure Nick Bosa in recent CBS Sports mock draft

Could this solve all the pass rush problems?

There’s a lot of football to play for 2018, but it’s probably not off base to suggest the San Francisco 49ers will not be making the playoffs or even picking late in the first round. It’s a safe assumption they will be picking in the top-10, maybe the top-five.

CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso put together an early 2019 mock draft and has the 49ers picking first and taking none other than Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa.

With Jimmy G in the fold for a while, if the 49ers get the No. 1 overall pick, they proooobably [sic] would look defense (or for a trade partner to move back). Without trades in my mocks at this point, I go with the best prospect in the country, adding yet another first-round defensive lineman to San Francisco’s roster.

The 49ers defense has had some issues, but the largest one has been getting to the quarterback. Sacks may not be a priority, but the line lacks simple pressure, and Cassius Marsh isn’t going to give the consistency people hope for. DeForest Buckner needs someone to take the double and triple teams off him if he is going to be effective and Solomon Thomas is better as a run stuffer than someone to chase a signal caller. The run defense has improved since the Chip Kelly era, but they still have things to improve. There’s no absolutes with draft picks. Solomon Thomas (2017 first rounder) isn’t a bust, but he’s been a bit disappointing in some aspects while Mike McGlinchey (2018 first rounder) has become invaluable.

This is assuming the 49ers pick number 1. There’s a lot of football left to be played. Fooch already suggested the New York Giants may beat the 49ers to the punch, and while the Giants may (and should) take a quarterback, they open up a nice spot for someone to trade and leapfrog over the 49ers to secure Bosa. If the 49ers pick outside of the top-five, it’s a safe bet Bosa won’t be available, if not from a pick, a team trades for the chance to take him.