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“I love this locker room, I believe in it” - Cassius Marsh

After criticizing a previous locker room, Marsh says the 49ers’ locker room still remains solid and supportive through their rough start

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

After incredibly high expectations to start the 2018 season, the 49ers obviously have had a disappointing 1-4 start. Losing Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garoppolo to season ending injuries has taken it’s toll as well as a laundry list of other injuries to players on the 53 man roster who are trying to fight through and be able to play on game days. Cassius Marsh said that’s just part of the business.

“That’s the NFL. We got the injury bug bad right now. Can’t really say much about it. We got the bug for sure. That’s the NFL. The injury rate is 100%.”

Marsh became headline material when he revealed how happy he was when comparing the 49ers positive locker experience room to the Patriots environment not too long ago. Locker rooms can become a ticking time bomb for conflict when the frustration of losing gets to be too much. Marsh says that’s still not the case in Santa Clara and you can sense the attitude in his statements after the offense turned the ball over five times facing the Cardinals.

“It was a tough game. Offenses have bad days and defenses have bad days too, but we needed to create turnovers. The offense actually had a great game, minus the turnovers.”

There was no finger pointing last season through the teams 0-9 start and it appears that still remains the case as the team heads to Green Bay for a tough match up against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Monday night. While Marsh stated that there was a marked level of frustration with the ups and downs facing Arizona, he is proud of the way they fought until the end. He explains the attitude of the team versus others he has seen:

“I’ve seen teams across from me, because I’ve been on a lot of good teams where the opposing teams have been in the situation that we are in now. They get to screaming at each other, they get to screaming at each other on the field. Perfect example of it is Jacksonville, last year, when we were up on them and we were kind of whipping their butt a little bit. They get to cussin’ each other out on the field, you could see it on the sideline. That’s the part I don't ever really see out here. Everybody is all about supporting one another and we’re close here. Everybody loves everybody and we know we got to get back to work and get better.”

In regards to missed assignments that happen on the field, Marsh detailed how they support each other instead of in-fighting and yelling, which is counter productive:

“Guys are supportive. You’re not going to get anything out of screaming at guys. You don’t want to make them feel worse than they already do. They are already hard enough on themselves. Everybody is trying to uplift each other. That’s something I love about this locker room. I love this locker room, I believe in it.”

When it comes to dealing with the frustration of all of the bad beats the 49ers have dealt with this season, Marsh says he refers back to something Richard Sherman shared with him when they were both on the Seahawks roster:

“Sometimes the ball bounces your way, sometimes the ball bounces their way. We gotta just keep grinding through it.”