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20 years later George Kittle returns to Lambeau

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Born in Wisconsin, Kittle visited the historic venue when he was five years old.

Jan Krieger

Much has been made about the 49ers fandom of both quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and how both would have loved to have had the opportunity to play for their favorite childhood team. Tight end George Kittle has his own childhood story of visiting historic Lambeau Field at the ripe old age of five.

Jan Kreiger

Kittle was born in Madison, Wisconsin on a Saturday when the Badgers were playing at home. His parents Jan Kreiger and Bruce Kittle needed a police escort to get through all of the traffic and tailgating fans. When they got to the hospital they could see Camp Randall Stadium from the room and Bruce declared “There’s no way we’re not having a boy!”

Five years later while the Kittle family was still living in Madison, the family decided to make a trip to Lambeau which is when the accompanying photos were taken. While Kittle admits he was a Packers fans for a while after that visit, he explains he grew up a Bears and Cubs fan because that’s where his father’s allegiance is.

Kittle remembers the visit to Green Bay, especially from when the fist picture was taken:

“I just remember they had all of these stations set up where you could kick or throw balls into tires from a distance. I know I stayed there trying to throw it in all the tires for awhile.”

Jan Kreiger
Jan Krieger

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and his staff have taken notice of the sophomore tight end: “I didn’t watch a whole lot of George last year, but I’ll tell you what, he’s a fine player. He’s definitely got all our attention. He’s off to a great start, and he can do it all from the tight end position. I’ve been very impressed with George.”

Kittle has been to Lambeau once since his visit 20 years ago, for a Kenny Chesney concert a few years ago. Needless to say this Monday Night experience will be quite different. Is he excited about it?

“Very much so. I’m pumped to be playing here. Always wanted to get a shot at it.”