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Jimmie Ward pulled due to hamstring injury

That’s why you watched Greg Mabin. And that’s why you watched Greg Mabin get gashed.

One of the more concerning things on the 49ers loss to the Green Bay Packers Monday Night was the pull of Jimmie Ward. The 49ers pulled him in favor of Greg Mabin and Ward never saw the field the rest of the night. Ward wasn’t playing bad at all until hitting the bench either.

So what gives?

Turns out it was due to a hamstring injury. Kyle Shanahan told the media in his post-game press conference that Ward was pulled due to the injury. In Ward’s place came Greg Mabin, who got absolutely torched by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams.

If Ward was injured, the 49ers needed someone in, but it’s rather questionable why they’d put a player like Mabin on the Packers No. 1 wide receiver in Adams.

In any case, Ward wasn’t pulled for any sort of play, it was for a hamstring injury.