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Another loss, another attempt to make everyone laugh

That loss hurts, and caps what was a fun game until the final minutes.

I’m running out of Super Bad Mario and RKOs from out of nowhere to lift our spirits. I’ll have to find videos not referencing video games.

The San Francisco 49ers 33-30 loss stings. Especially when they were overcoming turnovers and dumb mistakes throughout the game. It seems even more spoiled when the officials hand Aaron Rodgers an illegal contact penalty (and yes, it was illegal contact).

It’s a short week, and the Los Angeles Rams come to town. Yay. All we can do is try to lift our spirits. So here’s another Super Bad Mario video. I’m still running out of these, so the 49ers need to start winning and hurry.

For an injury decimated team, I guess things aren’t so bad. The 49ers defense still allowed too many points. And turnovers. So much to clean up, but at the same time, they could have been the Buffalo Bills, getting killed in Green Bay.

In any case, we’re onward to the Rams. I know, losing a Monday Night game is worse than Sunday in many cases, but at least the 49ers didn’t come out flat on prime time. Now we just have to brave listening to the praise on the Packers for the week and it’s all over. Right? Right?

Stay faithful, my friends.