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Rams continue to distance themselves from rest of NFC West

Don’t get me started.

The San Francisco 49ers lost (yet another) heartbreaker to the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. The loss ends a near decade long dominance of the Monday night games, but much worse, allows the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks to trail further away with the lead of the NFC west.

The Seahawks are back to .500, the Rams remain undefeated and the Arizona Cardinals remembered they were the Arizona Cardinals about midway into their Sunday matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

Let’s look at where everybody is.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams undefeated streak continues. The Rams had the upper hand through most of their Sunday game against the Denver Broncos, but the Broncos tried to make a game of it in the second half. They managed to get a touchdown in the final minutes of the fourth quarter to keep it within three, but failed to retrieve the onside kick.

The Rams now remain undefeated and are en route to Levi’s Stadium. Uh-oh.

Seattle Seahawks

The Oakland Raiders are a bad team, and they are even worse when they play in a different country. The Seahawks have their own issues in 2018, but managed to thump the Raiders 27-3. That three points only showed up with a fourth quarter field goal.

So now Seattle is 3-3 and the Raiders have only one win to call their own, not unlike the 49ers. The Seahawks most likely will finish with a .500 record at best given the depleted roster they have.

Keep in mind this is the same Raiders that the Rams struggled with in Week 1, albeit briefly.

Arizona Cardinals

Well, Arizona certainly tried to make a game out of it. The Cardinals faced the Minnesota Vikings and gave them a bit of brief trouble before the momentum from their win over the 49ers quieted and allowed the Vikings to take hold of this game. To stay in contention, the Vikings needed this win more than the Cardinals did, apparently. The loss still has the Cardinals in 3rd place because of that 49ers win thing.

Into Week 7

The Seahawks will be getting a bye for their week while the Rams and 49ers face off in a divisional matchup. This was supposed to be a Sunday Night Football game, but the loss of key players in the 49ers’ camp put an end to that and it was flexed out. The Rams do travel to Santa Clara, but they are one of the most difficult opponents on the 49ers’ schedule.

And the Niners play the Rams twice a year.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals play the Denver Broncos in a game that may be an extremely boring defensive game, or a one sided Broncos game depending on which version of the 2018 Arizona Cardinals gets off the bus.

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at San Francisco 49ers
2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: BYE
3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: vs. Denver Broncos
4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: vs. Los Angeles Rams