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3 things we learned following the 49ers loss to the Packers (and 2 things I still think about)

Turnovers, Aaron Rodgers and 33 points. Let’s look at what we learned in Week 6.

Did we really need the heartbreaking games to come back in 2018? I was fine with them being locked away.

I said if Davante Adams and/or Jimmy Graham was let loose it was over for the 49ers. Well, look what happened. Now we get to be subjected to a week of Aaron Rodgers highlights. Thanks, 49ers.

There are some things we can take from this, no matter how small they may be. Here are three things we learned:

Marquise Goodwin is a game-changer

When on the field, Goodwin provides a speedster wide receiver that not many teams can match. The best part of all of this is Goodwin had the speed, but his catching abilities leveled up under the Shanahan offense. Two touchdowns and almost a third if C.J. Beathard could throw it just a little in the other direction. Seeing Goodwin on the field certainly opened up pass lanes for the other catchers, namely George Kittle and Pierre Garçon.

The 49ers were a much different team when Goodwin could be on the field. This is why I said they should extend him. And this is why they actually did extend him.

C.J. Beathard isn’t a bad quarterback

Two words: Nathan Peterman. Beathard is not Peterman. No, not in the slightest. In fact, going into the half, Beathard was 9-12. That’s 75 percent completion percentage. He shrugged through blitzes and delivered the ball well. It wasn’t until the crucial moments of the game where he remembered he was C.J. Beathard. And he picked an awful, awful time to do that.

Beathard finished with a 69 percent completion percentage. Two touchdowns, one interception and a 115 passer rating. He only took two sacks too.

It could be a heck of a lot worse under center—quarterback wasn’t the problem Monday. Beathard is not the reason the 49ers lost. And before you go on about that aforementioned pick, remember the 49ers were going to punt on the next down anyways. That was basically a punt. Even the great Aaron Rodgers (how many Super Bowls has he won again?) has done that multiple times. If only Beathard could have just changed direction just a little.

Raheem Mostert redeems himself

Remember when we piled on Mostert (or at least I did) last week? Mostert finished with 87 rushing yards (more than Matt Breida) and was trucking people on his way down field. The running game took a huge hit midway into the 3rd quarter when the Packers decided to stack the box, but Mostert carried the ground game on Monday. Breida certainly helped out with some big plays, but with that injury of his, the 49ers were smart to use him a little more sparingly than they might have otherwise.

Speaking of Mostert, who else was holding their breath on like, EVERY play he had the ball thinking he’d fumble? I know I was.

And now two things I’m thinking about:

Why call illegal contact after a sack?

Make no mistake, that was illegal contact that Richard Sherman committed. What I want to know is why the refs threw the flag when it looked like it happened after the sack by DeForest Buckner occurred. I get that it’s a point of emphasis, but if it is, why did they wait until that particular moment to throw a flag?

Not like the officiating was good. The refs had to hold a town hall meeting for an obvious Aaron Rodgers intentional grounding, and then didn’t bother on two other grounding penalties. They also missed a pass interference on K’Waun Williams and a blatant holding call that allowed Rodgers to take off for thirty yards and seal the game. For the most part they let the players play, but when you have two minutes and Aaron Rodgers with the ball, I guess then the points of emphasis become points of emphasis.

Why was Greg Mabin covering Adams?

Late in the game, Jimmie Ward went out with a hamstring injury. Enter Greg Mabin who may as well have set himself on fire with how badly the Packers torched him. More concerning was putting Mabin, who’s not exactly the 49ers best defensive back, on Adams, who is the Packers best wide receiver. Couldn’t Saleh had adjusted the coverage and put someone else on Adams who could, I don’t know, keep up with him?

I guess the 49ers got what they deserved if they did that. Mabin got picked on regularly when he went in, and it seems like an obvious adjustment to make.