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C.J. Beathard talks about the interception, moving on to face tough Rams defense

The 49ers quarterback met with the media on Wednesday as the team continues preparations for their Week 7 matchup with the Rams. We’ve got a full transcript.

C.J. Beathard Media Availability

Now at the podium: C.J. Beathard

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What’s the process like for you as far as a Monday night game and then getting back to work to face one of the best teams in the league?

“Yeah, it’s a quick turnaround as any Monday night game would be. I got back late on Tuesday morning it would be, so it’s a quick turnaround. We’ve got to get on it quick and we’ve got a good opponent this week. Today’s our first practice and we’ll get rolling.”

How are you about turning the page? Everybody talks about football players needing a short memory. How short is your memory? How much do you look back and how quickly can you turn it over?

“I think being a quarterback, I think my memory is shorter just because in games you’ve got to have a short memory. Say you throw a pick, you’ve got to get over it. You throw a touchdown, you’ve got to get over that too. Obviously, it was a tough loss. So, you usually have 24 hours to kind of think about it. But, once that 24 hours is over, it’s on to the next game.”

At what point do you need to see more than just, “We played a really good game against a good team” and you need to see a win where you can kind of build off of that?

“You said at what point? Hopefully this week. We need to win and that’s what we’re going to try to do this week.”

When you have balance like you did and even running the ball effectively like you did, how much does that change what you see on the field when you are throwing and the running game is being so effective?

“It always helps when your run game is working well. It helps the pass game and when the pass game is working well it helps the run game. They kind of work off of each other so it’s nice when both parts of the offense are working well.”

You mentioned late Monday how having WR Marquise Goodwin helps, but do you notice that in the running game too, just the fact that they have to respect his speed?

“Yes, definitely. Guys are respecting his speed and you’ve got to respect his speed. He can take the tops off of coverages so it definitely helps having him out there.”

You have another quarterback now. As far as that relationship goes, and it may be to be determined, but how much of that will be you trying to help him get up to speed? He’s obviously a guy who has started games in the league. How much maybe could be beneficial to you as well?

“I’ll definitely help him as much as he needs whenever he needs help. He’s been in the league a little bit, played in games. So, anything I can learn from him will be helpful as well.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game on that last play that he would have rather you gone to a different option. Looking back on it, was there a better option for you to target there?

“Schematically there was, but we would have had to, it’s tough to say in that situation. Obviously if I could do it over again, I would go somewhere else with it. It’s tough to say watching the tape. I don’t know.”

Because you like that matchup of Marquise?

“Obviously it didn’t work so it’s tough. Say you hit it, it’s a good play. But, when you don’t, it’s not. And it was not a good play.”

When he runs the route, is the design of the throw to be to the inside? Because it looks like there might have been space if it went more towards that side.

“Yeah, the design of the throw was just kind of run up the seam. Obviously, I would have rather put him outside more.”

When you said after the game that that’s something you and Marquise have been working on, did you kind of make that adjustment at the line of scrimmage or when you guys broke the huddle, was that the route he was running?

“We made that adjustment at the line of scrimmage.”

In that situation, would you expect the cornerback to be running with Marquise that far down the field?

“I would not. I was expecting him to be, it was zero coverage, zero blitz, expecting him to be sitting eight yards, expecting a slant or something thinking that I could just throw a ball to Quise. The guy played it really well and did a good job.”

Was the incomplete to TE George Kittle just kind of higher just to try to get it around Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews?

“Yeah, Matthews was right in the window and it was tough to get it over him. It was tough.”

A question about the Rams. When you pop on the film and see them, has that defense changed much in a year?

“Schematically, not much. They do a couple of different things, but personnel-wise they’ve got different players there for sure. They’re a real good defense, got good players. It’s going to be a good matchup for us and we’ll just have to have a good week of practice and go into the game and execute well.”

Is there anything you can say about your offensive line? They’ve been battling injury this whole season so far. RB Matt Breida said that it’s just inspired him to get out there even more.

“Yes, it’s definitely inspiring having those guys injured week-in and week-out, little nicks and stuff, and toughing it out and going out there and playing for the team. I’ve got a lot of respect for every single one of those guys. It’s tough to do and I respect the heck out of them for that.”