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Montell Jordan to sing ‘This is How We Do It’ at halftime of 49ers-Rams game

It’s all part of a ceremony honoring the 1994 49ers squad.

I Love The 90s - The Party Continues Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are hosting the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday in a throwback game. Both teams will be sporting throwback jerseys, and the 49ers will be honoring their 1994 Super Bowl squad.

I’m not entirely sure why they did it this year instead of for the 25th anniversary, but I’m not concerned. The 1994 team was a fun one, and the throwbacks are fantastic. But potentially more important this weekend is the halftime show. To complete the throwback effort, the 49ers are bringing in Montell Jordan to perform! He’ll be singing the National Anthem before the game, and then “This is How We Do It” at halftime while the team honors the 1994 squad.

The 49ers enter the game as 9.5 point underdog, facing an undefeated Los Angeles Rams game. It’s a tough matchup, but the 49ers have a whole lot of 90s flavor in their corner. Montell Jordan and the ‘94 throwbacks are a powerful combination!