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Golden Nuggets: Can the 49ers beat the Cardinals?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, October 2nd 2018.

I’m so ready to put behind the 49ers/Chargers game for good. Another game the 49ers should have won, but they blew it.

The good news is, the Arizona Cardinals are not very good. At all. And the 49ers got them next. I don’t see them losing this game in Santa Clara and these are the games the 49ers need to be winning now in their second year. Even if Robert Saleh’s funky playcalling gets in the way of things, the 49ers can win this game, should win this game. The Cardinals have no wins, it would be a shame if the 49ers were their first.

Speaking of Saleh’s play calling—my how the tables have turned. Remember during the Jim Harbaugh days when it was the defense bailing out the offense? Vic Fangio bailing out Greg Roman for some bonehead decisions? I think Harbaugh had his hands in some of those plays but still. The option pitch? Run-run-pass? It’s a total flip now.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...