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Nick Mullens talks recruitment, call-up to the 53-man roster, learning from Jimmy Garoppolo

The now-backup quarterback for the 49ers was the latest guest on Matt Maiocco’s podcast.

The most popular person on the 49ers roster is always the backup quarterback and Nick Mullens has inherited that role now that C.J. Beathard has been inserted in the starting lineup. He joined Matt Maiocco on the 49ers Insider Podcast to talk about his college recruitment and his slow rise in the pros.

Many may not realize it, but Mullens’ alma mater is Southern Miss, the same as NFL hall of famer Brett Favre. The more crucial piece of history is how Mullens shattered several Southern Miss passing records. So why did he go undrafted? Why is he underrated? Well straight from Mullens:

“I don’t know, I guess you could blame it on the size. I don’t know to be honest, but I don’t really care. I just try to focus on working and being the best I can be each and every day. I’ve kind of had that mindset since high school. The only thing that matters is what you do on the field. That’s what people will judge you by. That’s why I try to play my best and put my best product out there.”

As you might guess, Mullens is only looking to what he can do in 2018. It was already huge for him to simply make the 53-man roster.

I’ve timestamped the interview below. You can listen to the podcast using the widget above or go here.

02:15 - College recruitment
03:26 - Experiencing the popularity of being the backup quarterback
03:45 - Confidence from the 2018 preseason
04:18 - The run up to the draft and not getting drafted
06:00 - Why he’s underrated and a UDFA
06:32 - Going to the same school as Brett Favre, the legacy of Favre
07:45 - Communications with Favre
09:02 - Personality and leadership style as a quarterback
10:51 - Relationship with his wife and how she pulled turf from his bone.
12:30 - Playing at Lambeau Field
13:10 - Playing on the practice squad
14:30 - Feelings on knowing Kyle Shanahan’s scheme
15:08 - What he picked up from Jimmy Garoppolo
16:15 - When he was notified he’d be bumped to the 53-man
16:39 - What to learn from C.J. Beathard
17:01 - What it meant to be the backup in favor of the seven quarterbacks brought in for workouts
18:05 - Mindset that he may be going into the game against the San Diego Chargers after Beathard got wind knocked out
18:30 - Running the scout team